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Residential Concrete

Laying Down the Foundations of Home

At Queanbeyan Premix Concrete, we understand that a strong, stable home begins with high-quality residential concrete. Our mix, simple yet effective, comprises four fundamental ingredients: cement, aggregate, sand, and water. Each element is essential – cement binds the mixture, aggregates and sand provide structure and strength, while water melds everything into a cohesive, durable unit.

Particularly popular for residential projects is our N25 mix, a versatile and robust choice ideal for laying foundations (footings). This concrete blend is specifically engineered to support the weight and pressures typical in domestic structures, offering a secure base for your cherished home.

From constructing sturdy footings, crafting smooth driveways, to shaping pathways and patios, Queanbeyan Premix Concrete’s residential blends are designed for diverse applications. They cater not just to the structural integrity but also the aesthetic appeal of your home environment.

Our residential concrete mixtures are precisely tailored to the unique needs of home construction, ensuring durability, safety, and comfort. With Queanbeyan Premix Concrete, lay the foundation for a home that’s built to last, echoing strength and reliability in every corner.